Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why I Blog

I got interested in blogging when I realized I could distribute my many years of composition to a wider reading public than I ever could imagine. Nearing 80 years old, I realize I have much to say and a limited time to do it. Blogging gives my voice to a muted public.

With my blog, which is mainly posting poems written over three or four decades of the last half of my quite eventful, eighty years of life, I hope by example to encourage others to take advantage of emerging cyber capabilities to do the same. Beyond the poem, I hope to give the reader some insight into the reason behind me, developing it by adding some prose commentary, which may illuminate both content and construction.

I guess writing about my philosophical understandings of life is the most interesting thoughts I've been able to record. There is a stream I often refer to : facts accumulate into a stream called knowledge,
more easily formed today by the advent of the computer than ever before in human history, but it is what we find in this stream that propels human life swiftly forward, that we call wisdom. It is wisdom, sometimes called original thought, that is the Holly Grail of life, in my mind.

With so many holidays behind me, I guess what I like best about holidays is the gathering of family, because the family is the underpinning of all society and, from that, civilization.

I would eliminate fear in the World, if given a chance.

Ronald C . Downie. 

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