Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eternal or Determinate

Spring arrives, its steps fast and furious,
Wind and rain driven, flamed by the sun.

Colors, pure and true, drawn from hardy bulbs
Deep asleep long months, top soil pillowed.

Green, who can escape green's swift advances,
From tippy tops of trees, carpets of grass,

The stalks of spring bulbs and, of course, bad weeds.
In green, the sun and earth simply mingled,

Softy penetrating rays energize
Elements slumbering soil's lactose. 

Life eternal or determinate end -
Grand is the ultimate life long question.

What is this force we refer to as life, 
Evolved from the beginning primal ooze ?

It is present all around us living
In plants and flora from the beginning.

Accept, if you will; if not, ignorance
Has an overzealous blind audience,

See no, say no, hear no evil, they say.
Interdependent is this Web of Life. 

Ronald C. Downie


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