Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tweet's Twang

Bounded by enthusiasm but suppressed by ignorance, some travel thru life whistling while they work, all the while, they shuffle along. The beauty of not knowing is knowing absolutely nothing. If you choose to live an unexamined life, do it alone, don't drag others down with you. 

For eighty years I've pondered
The outcome of my life lived long :
Small rust town, riverfront flooded,
Many things known, some by song. 

Dripping wet from baptismal waters, five of our Supreme Court now absolved of citizen care. The super rich duty's done. Money's their elixir.

Who in battle would you want watching your back ? The multitude who spout belief in Jesus and Father or those who, in their moccasins, walk.

Huge carnivores, satisfied when eating flesh, were not able to exist beyond a meteor strike. Man's developed the bullet to fill death's void.

Entry level jobs are those most needed in our country today. The CCC the WPA templates still exist.   Rethinking "Work" must take precedence.

Ronald C. Downie

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