Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exit Interview

I've been thinking lately about who will be questioning  me at my Exit Interview, the one just after my last breath. Will I hear questions from below - from above ?

In anticipation I've been listening more intently to the Music Channels (400/450). I prefer Classical Masterpieces or Light Classical. Through them I can hear music from below as well as from above; the guttural dirge of base and drum - the lilting strings of a whispering heaven.

If asked about my generation, I'll have to apologize for mine. We seemed to be a militaristic one. Just post the Great Depression, mid-nineteen thirties, extending on for twenty some years. We lived though grade school  while the Second World War waged, we were there during Korea, followed with Vietnam, then Grenada, on and on. 

Many my age, like me, didn't serve in the armed forces since we fell short in years for one war and too old for the next. Did war for us seem just an annoyance, ok as long as some other guy was getting shot at, but not us ? Out of sight, out of mind allowed conflicts to go on and on with little public oversight. 

My generation perfected the age of disengagement, just opting out, no reason needed. We began the long drive for profits beyond reason, as they aged our members were caught up in the profits from the military industrial complex. The Stock Market was their playground; from the military industry they got their finances, my generation not only the puppets but also the string pulling puppeteers.

I apologize! 

Exit Interview- I best get busy thinking about it again or, at least, about the music which will follow me along as I sway on out.

Ronald C. Downie

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