Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh, My Golly!

Oh, My Golly!

Good Golly!
The NRA enthusiasts speak of the fire power they can mount when they talk about securing rights thought denied them by some governmental units. They know that every gun imaginable, every super magazine, and each level of technical arms assistance will be made available to them by the NRA. Their governmental representatives assure them, if their desires are denied by the political process, they can revert to the Second Amendment to effect change. They believe their rights are smelted into the blue round barrels of the guns they've bought.

But, Good Golly!
I was really impressed with the police work in Boston this past week. What an impressive mobilization of power from local, state, and federal forces. I have not seen anything like it outside of a war zone, not that I enjoy war zones. Do you shutter as I do when I think of the gun culture hoping to thwart the three levels of government in their attempt to have their own state?
I think about a time when the cessions', primed by the NRA lobbyists, began feeling their oats for a separate state. Armed to the teeth with 2nd Amendment rights, they will claim a Constitutional Right to be free from the USA because they have guns rights. Convoluted thinking like this is crazy, that's how I interpret it.

It wouldn't be nearly as bad as the holy battle of Armageddon but it could be quite bad. When local, state, and federal forces uncover their fire power, as exhibited in Massachusetts, it's either give in or perish.
The fool hardy will wale about their rights to unleash 2nd Amendment bullets to kill fellow countrymen but,
when faced with overwhelming force, they will calm down and rethink their options. Back to 50 states again, the Union preserved again, safe, if we settle our differences about guns while we deflower the NRA and reduce its influence to nil.

Ronald C. Downie

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