Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dear Connor

The following is a grandfather's critique of his 19 year old grandson's first foray into the television world's discussions on camera. He did extremely well and I congratulate him with all my heart.

Dear Connor,

I couldn't see the whole audience on television so I didn't see if Rachael was manning the signs; even so, the the audience, in perfect harmony, reacted to your comments as if someone was holding up Applause and Laugh signs. In your calm demeanor you played off the audience like a trooper reminiscent of pros like, let see, Al Franken or Anne Richards when she said, "Poor George, he was born with a silver shoe in his mouth".

If the audience was grading you, you certainly rated an A on delivery; if I was rating you on content, well, you are quite aware of my politics.

Your story telling of finding Ronald Reagan's book began strong but trailed off, I believe, because you felt a need to throw raw meat, the damned party line, to an already captured audience. Your strength on property taxation being broken was a high light, especially in our State's Capitol.

People love stories and they love even more the person who tells a story well. The public gravitates toward a young, handsome speaker who is at ease in front of them and who is able to smile at themselves and to the harsh world enveloping all. The World is but a play and you are now a major actor in that play about properly weaving the fabric which will make up the grand tapestry of life in the future.

Knowing, or better, figuring out your audience was a plus in your favor. But remember, when you have an audience eating from your hand, make only a few strong points, reinforce them, and repeat them. Don't keep piling up more points because, even a captured audience, can not process more information.

So, this is enough for you to ponder today. Just, remember, be yourself, don't get a big head. Maybe those times we spent arguing politics is beginning to pay off. Thinking on your feet is a learned trait which should triumph for you for a lifetime. Keep you head on, fill it with humor and knowledge, speak fluently and loudly enough, and slow down so you don't get ahead of who wants to hear you.

Enough already,
Love, Pop Pop & Nanny

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