Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hetero Verses Homo

Hetero Verses Homo

I keep my eyes open looking out my front window wondering when will they visit again. Some years they're much more visible, you'd see them quite often walking or biking around town. Times change, maybe they drive now since it's been a couple years since I've last seen them.

The well dressed, handsome, young men were missionaries of the Mormon faith doing their religious duty as prescribed by their elders. I have some questions to ask them which came up in the last election. Although I'd really like to ask Mr Romney but, I don't have the necessary billions in my bank account that makes politicians eager to accommodate my questions, I thought the boys, who probably are on tight budgets, are closer to my economic status and, maybe, would be versed enough to respond to my inquiry.

Mitt Romney claimed and many Republicans jumped on the band wagon by agreeing with him that corporations are persons in his - " new world order ". My question is : if corporations are people, are they heterosexual or homosexual ?

I'd expect them, especially in Mitt's mind to be heterosexual, since they demand every consideration that comes with government handouts and, he being a male dominant Mormon, anything questioning male dominance he would ignore. Also, corporations would not wait in line, like our returning veterans must endure, before they're turned away for services promised them but forgotten over and over again.

In his "new world order", Romney professes money is speech and corporations are people, is no worse logic than mine, which is wondering the sexual preference of corporations if they're truly people. If money is speech then I understand why some people, the million and billionaires, want to have so much say over our laws.

This subtle way of returning to an aristocracy scares me and should scare you. The penalty is beyond my comprehension. Feudal lords rather than Captains of Industry or Banking Magnets would become easily interchangeable. It has been thwarted for the time being but the thought of feudalism returning is the fervent desire of the moneyed set. They long for sleek golden robes with servants galore who'll cater to their every wish.

Are corporations male or female ? Can they marry and divorce ? If they kill one or the other what court are they tried in, to jail, where ? Does the Mormon Church know things that the rest of us don't know ? Forty seven percent of the federal electorate voted for Romney in 2012, so do they have answers for my questions ?

Let me know if you have the answers or, like me, do you have more questions ?

Ronald C. Downie

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