Sunday, April 28, 2013

Death's Nemesis Is In Dying

Death's Nemesis Is In Dying

Burdened within weighted hearts and minds,
Crushed under Twenty Centuries of fear;
Is Death culprit, or, is it in dying
That fear's behind reasons which curls your toes ?

As a state of mind, Death is no more than
That of an embryo not viable,
Or, of the mind just post awakened life.
Dying, though, paints a harsh reason for fear.

Ultimately inevitable
Is that state of Death cursed on each of us.
Insidiously deceptive's dying,
Hidden, multi staged, trudging on head strong.

Strokes, heart attacks, cancer, accidents, age
All unregulated, tipping icebergs.
Born, growing for half life, and then dying
For the second half life until the end.

It's time, time is the arbiter of life !
The internal workings of a body
Rusted and sluggish from abuse matters
On how, and how long, will flesh and bones last.

It is not the amount of years one's lived,
But, it's the amount of living one's packed
Into the years spent on our Mother Earth.
Quality trumps quantity every time.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
Still rings in my ears from early boyhood.
President Roosevelt addressed us all
Putting ideas of fear in perspective.

From the first day of birth, Death is on call,
But when it comes, that could be up to you.
Healthy living, moderation, good luck
All play their part in your own "Book Of Life".

Ronald C. Downie

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