Friday, February 1, 2013

Unquenched Greed

Unquenched Greed

Rain forests cry out in searing pain:
Listen, hush, their teary drops rain
Down in agony upon thoughtless man,
Who swears allegiance to a fatal plan.

Inward, self centered into their navels,
Believing selfishly our Universe enables
So few use so much, an unholy contempt
For Natural Law from which none are exempt.

God of Gods, unquenched greed, a bastard seed
Planted in depleted, exhausted soil is in need
Of : purpose, commitment, values, and honesty,
Pillars long used to uphold life's grand tapestry .

Hoe out noxious greed, build proper tilth
In soils of concern. There is a vast wealth
Of nutrients in speaking out. Join voices
Who shout, "I will not accept wrong choices ."

Ronald C. Downie

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