Sunday, February 10, 2013

I follow-I also complain!

I follow-I also complain!

Being right of center, I'm watching Paul Krugman on Up With Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 8AM-10AM, this Sunday morning. Krugman is a Pied Piper for liberals like me on the country's economic health. I lean forward with him in understanding the USA best increase spending on generating jobs rather then by going deeper into recession with more austerity.

Chris Hayes has had one of the more cutting edge political programs on Sunday morning's viewing schedule. Realizing this, I question why he has 800 calorie donuts on the table in front of his guests rather than apple or orange slices for them to munch on ?

Perception follows a television personality not only with what they say, but, how they're shown in their surroundings on the empowering screen of almighty television. Toughen up Chris, no more powered goodies.

Ronald C. Downie

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