Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State Of The Union

State Of The Union

Unlike my grandson, Connor Kurtz, a freshman at Catholic University, Washington, DC. who has full use of his hands and legs but, I'm sure, used neither last night at our President's State Of The Union Address. Connor and I are diametrically opposed in our political leanings : Connor would have sat in stoic deadpan with the other Republican lemmings following their leader, John Boehner, pouting ; even though I no longer can jump up and clap like hell, I favored the Presidents message.

What was your federal representative doing ? Was he or she like Connor or like me ? Mine, Jim Gerlach, I'm sure, was nonplussed in his obscurity toeing the Tea Party line wrapped in his party's banner hollering "NO"!

His Judgement Day comes in 2014 elections !

Ronald C. Downie

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