Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Park

The Park

Marble sized for giants - whose
Muscles lugged huge stones here ,
Epoch sung through harmonic echoes ,
Waiting with hammer and an ear ?

Glacier droppings thawed to earth
In retreat of Ice Age nights ,
Was Hudson Bay their place of birth
Under Aurora Borealis lights ?

Bare footed , shirtless , agile
Rock climbers scout to find
Cave caverns and weathered fossil
Prints of what beastly kind .

Zig zag stairs to the tower ,
Which commands a southern view ,
Potts's dream , factory power ,
Blue collar through and through .

They board to ride steel ribbons
Through fields of yellow and green ,
Their voices join track rhythms ,
Up hills , blue skies , at pleasures dream .

Round and round swiftly sweep
Four roller shoes , they in circles flow
To ebony platters etched needle deep
Of organ music for their graceful show .

People recreate at Nature's door :
Wooded oak hill of ringing rock ,
Pavilion roofed with hardened floor ,
Strengths of family from human stock .

At " This Wonder Of The World "
Which Ripley took time to note -
All the Twentieth Century unfurled -
May memories stir by this that I wrote .

( Ringing Rocks Park , Lower Pottsgrove Township ,Montgomery County )

Ronald C. Downie

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