Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lily Noelle Kurtz

Lily Noelle Kurtz

So steep up this hill, where's it going;
A path so well trodden, but by whom?
Winding, forever winding, up and up.

You, twelve years of twelve months each,
Having endured one hundred forty four
Months awaiting for this haloed destination.

Well, it has finally arrived, those teen years.
Those worrisome years when anxious parents,
On edge each evening, as they wait for dark.

Is Lily on her way home, who's she with?
Lily, she'll worry us until grey hairs arrive.
Doesn't she understand her pesky parents.

Her brothers, one off at school, eagerly learning,
The other so very busy in high school and after.
Lily's independence, small steps have yet to stride.

Whether on the track, or gym floor, or at life works,
Her independence takes its path also steep up a hill
Strengthening Lily in both aptitude and in attitude.

Every path taken may be full of stumbling blocks
As you make your way up hill, careful with each step.
Granddaughter, Lily, our faith in you prevails forever.

Arriving at the top of the teen year challenge hill,
Looking down, you'll see it starting, another path,
Up it leads to adulthood, another crowning glory.

May all our love be with you on your journey !
Happy Thirteenth Birthday !
Love, Nanny & Pop Pop

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