Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony 

When adoration sings out to tippy tops of tall trees, 
Trilling a warble reminiscent of yon highland clans;
The beauty of love's florescent blooms, so to please,
Bursts memorable colors of rainbow's arching bands :

Then, the truism of love's adventurous wandering
Settles into places yet to know, like ancient caves
Adorned by artistic etchings found on walls depicting 
Life not seen millenniums, but like love, time saves :

And then, the bonding of almighty heaven heaves
The chests in want of foreverness, emitting sighs.
Two into one, giving over getting, each one believes
Their longing is real, their love sincerely justifies.

In my quest for life's fulfillment, you are my Heaven
And Earth, bound in Holy Matrimony. I shout, Amen !

Ronald C. Downie, a love sonnet,
To my wife of over 47 years on this her 72nd birthday, 12/23/2011 with all my love gathered but unspoken yet to her.

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