Saturday, December 3, 2011

Grandson, Connor Kurtz

Grandson, Connor Kurtz

When a grandson takes an oath of allegiance to 
Uphold The Constitution of The United States Of
America, he joins a select group of citizens. Few
Are willing to be put to the test candidates love :

Then, when voting is long over and true work begins :
Reading, understanding, corresponding, and debating
Takes a good deal of his time. Do young one's whims 
Revolve around time budgeting, rather than dating :

And then, the rigors of meetings, schedule shifts, 
Want of necessity seeking an answer, finding none.
That noble cause grows a film of tarnish, not gifts
Once thought. Plow on does he, this gifted grandson.

A field of battle is not always fit for fife and drum.
It's for the tenacious, gifted solder who gets it done.

Ronald C. Downie
A sonnet to commemorate Connor's swearing in at 18 years of age to his local school board.

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