Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Haiku 69

Haiku 69

Tis the season to be Haiku jolly :
Winter Solstice Day, 
Shortest day and longest night -
Wish ahead for spring.

Haikus may not be true, but they're fun to do.
Most Medieval Courts
Had a Jester, law made fun -
Congress full of them.

Tweed'l dee - tweed'l dumb, Haiku for the fun.
"A bird in the hand 
Is worth two birds in the bush"-
Two month extension. 

Haiku is simplicity with words :
Prose - words, best order -
Poems - best words in best order -
Both tame ignorance.

A Haiku moment, thinking necessary :
House Republicans,
Tone deaf, they love super rich -
Hate the middle class. 

We need to ask local politicians by means of Haiku :
Boehner's off line,
Leading us into black holes -
Where is Jim Gerlach ?

Ronald C. Downie

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