Thursday, December 29, 2011

Haiku 70

Haiku 70

Haiku to challenge you to change the players :
Do Nothing Congress -
Bench the starters - send them home -
Vote in a new team.

Let Haiku set the stage for you :
~Home for Holidays,
~Congress gathers for eggnog -
~Unconcerned for us. 

Haiku looks at Washington's Holiday Season :
-A lump of black coal,
-Nothing else for the stocking -
-Oh ! It's stuffed with shame ?

Haiku is for both dreamer and somber thinkers :
Speaker is weaker,
As the tail wags the poor dog -
Where's his leadership ?

Haiku urges answers for questions you may raise :
Hold their feet to fire -
Congress is supposed to work
For all citizens. 

Try your own Haiku for the Holidays :
It is the season,
To be healthy, happy, well -
Days getting longer.

Ronald C. Downie

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