Monday, March 21, 2016

Looking for a Lord

Folks, we're voting for a President of the United States of America not a Lord, or a Saint, or a pure body and soul citizen to fill the position. How many previous men ( yes, only men were termed to be qualified to fill the presidency since our inception ) were thought to be Lords, or Saints, or pure of body and soul ? All persons are flawed from birth our religious bodies have preached, seemingly, forever. But, even the most pious critics speaking out want, we the electric, to think our vote should only be for a person of purity in all aspects of their life. Sadly, there are not many people like that alive anymore, certainly not me but, maybe, you.

Being president is a difficult, challenging job needing someone who will be a "tough nut" during their term. The challenge is that which revolves around death. A president has to put the country's military in harms way from time to time, all the while, granting clemency for persons interned. Life and death, trade and economics, progress and stability must be mingled within any day's itinerary. Do saints or lords think only this way ? I doubt it !

I want a presidential candidate who can think, who can connive, who can shrug off confidants, who can devise a route to a better future. I don't want a lapdog licking at my boots, rather, I want a tough, tender, person as president who sees the presidency as a vehicle to draw out the best in people and draws on some of them to serve the public. Government was devised to be "of, by and for the people" not for the oligarchs whose roll in life seems bent on buying elections to install a person as president opposite of all my longings.

No, I'm not looking for a lord, a saint, or a citizen pure of body and soul, certainly not ! I'm looking for a tough, decision maker. A person who will preside over our country, all our country, all our people, citizen or otherwise. Who will you support ?

Ronald C. Downie

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