Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ages Old - Ian at Twenty -

From deepened wells which holds man's ambitions,
Comes cool clear waters that sweetens his lips.

Views far off horizons, draped deep in fog,
Men of substance clammer to discover :

Who am I ? Why am I here ? Answer please !

Age old questions, forever on the tongue.
It's their quest, multitudes have pondered,

Going about their everyday business.
Few arrive at any answers, like these.

"I am who I am, where I am", because :

"The Golden Mean" is more than a pipe dream
Designing relationships in Earth scale.

Factoring in the possible, finding
The probable, wanting real connections.

Rising to the occasion, seek answers as :

Those, who think in images, dream drawings.
Those, and who think in words, dream writing in verse.

You, who thinks in numbers, dreams equations.
Those who love you, wish you, Happy Birthday !!!

With Love,

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