Friday, March 25, 2016

Boom and Goodby

Isis has an Achilles heal that the free World needs to exploit. Suicide bombers seem to exit this Earth upon setting off their arsenal vests of death. Then the World need not be concerned with their continued life of carnage as soon as they pull the trigger. Somehow we need to urge these crazies to have live ammunition practice. Boom and they're gone !

If the World can limit new recruits entering the mindset of of Isis terrorists, their ranks will continue to shrink by their suicidal attrition. Also, Heaven must be running out of Vestal Virgins sometime soon.

With all the psychologists in this World, you would think, some of them could be able to conger up an anti-Isis message which could become the new mindset for young impressionable misfits. The mind is the strongest, strangest mass of flesh arranged within a human's body but, if it can be swayed one way, I suggest, it can be swayed the other. The plight of the Free World sways on the assumption that Isis is a real deal and not just a blip on the screen of History. Sadly, we live  today within that blip of time and we must do what we can to live through it.

Ronald C. Downie

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