Monday, July 27, 2015

Stupid Is, As Stupid Does

Continuing to believe in a theory, only because it's what people have always done, is considered foolishness by an educated society who understands the dynamics of change. One of the few constants found throughout our lives is change. Another is death, something none can escape. Often it's taxes and death mentioned together that a person can not outlive. But it's change that drives life in almost every period of time we live through. What can't you do without today that was not around, say, ten years ago ? Change is accelerating at an ever increasing rate almost to a point of disbelief.

Why then, should we be complacent with energy generating plants fueled by a nuclear reaction, dirty coal, and deep well gas which required tracking ? Yes, we need energy (electricity) but at what cost to our World's environment ? Especially today, when solar and wind energy are providing so much of the rest of the World's energy requirement ? No longer are these clean means for energy generation a theory but they're a proven fact of life while becoming cheaper.

"Stupid is, as stupid does", defines our passive American society which will believe highly funded, slick adds made and placed before them by the extraction industry ( oil, gas, uranium ) rather than the World's statistics which shows renewables are the future both in cost and reliability. The future's in our hands and, only by actions of those we elect into office, will our vote demonstrate a future we will be satisfied with.

Ronald C. DownieI

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