Monday, July 6, 2015

Grand Marshal  

Yesterday, The 4th of July, was my swan song from public recognition by enacting the duties of Grand Marshal of the Forth of July Parade. Nominated by my Grandson, Connor Kurtz, and affirmed by a favorable vote of The 4th of July committee; I was notified, out of the blue, last week by parade officials. Rarely, only for Doctors visits, do I leave the comforts of my Pottstown home now so, for the parade,  we agreed that if my wife, Connie, could drive our van in the parade we'd participate. We did just that - all's well that ends well !

Thank You ! to all the spectators who weathered the sprinkles, to all volunteers especially those who make logistics work, and to all parade participants. Without all of you, nothing happens, Thank You all again !

Ronald C. Downie

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