Monday, July 6, 2015

After The Parade

Wife, Connie and I stopped at the river after the parade to see what activities were being set up. Rain was intermittent as people began arriving, therefor, we remained in our car parked in a handicap spot with our sign displayed. We had been ready to stay awhile but coming on 12noon the weather seemed continuing threatening. Talked to a couple band members, one had played here some 10 years earlier. 

I'm past 80 years and Connie past 75 years old. Does this group have a super senior division ? We predated the era of Cruising but we've lived and raised a family here all our lives and have become ingrained in this place named Pottstown. In fact, the grounds where the group was set up is named in my honor by the Borough of Pottstown as signified by the brass plaque on the low rock by the trail.

Your group may be able to do for Pottstown what the old timers of my vintage could not do - create a positive attitude for the town. Gone with cruising went heavy industry and a commercial High Street.  Today Pottstown must take on a new persona, I suggest with all my vigor, that it should be in a direct connection with education. We must pride ourselves as being "A College Town".  With MCCC, The Hill School, and the SRGA as a nucleus the image begins sharpening.

We support your efforts, Thank You !
Ronald C Downie
Pottstown, A College Town

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