Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dear Zia,

It is extremely gratifying for a Great Grandfather to acknowledge a distant offspring for the creative effort of offering her words in verse to be judged by others. I have struggled for years in the pursuit of writing proper words placed in creative phrases that express what was on my mind. Unlike Zia, I rarely submit my words for judgement as, I surmise, most of you would also hesitate doing. Zia has my, and I hope all of your, congratulations.

Dear Zia,

Congratulations on winning with your wonderful words my Great Granddaughter !

Words are extremely important:
Not just for the contest judges, 
But for you, the contest writer.

The ability to write what you think,
The desire to write what you feel,
Are like butterflies winging free.

They flutter then light on flowers
Knowing color, sensing nectar,
As do you when home is near.

May words become your companion 
Throughout the rest of your long life -
Treat them well for they are friends.

Love, Old Pops

Ronald C. Downie

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