Monday, October 21, 2013

Health of the Herd

Health of the Herd Known well in the veterinary field of medicine is the concept of "the health of the herd". Long's been the idea that true good health, that which needs to come to each of us individually, must also flow over to become the health for all or for the total health of the herd. Modern medicine for humans has never adopted the herd concept in its teachings, even though, we live more and more and are affected more and more by  herd tendencies. We crowd into cities, congregate in huge stadiums, and commingle with one another in groups oblivious to a multitude of germs and viruses.  It's no wonder that portions of our society get the flu in mass or come down with some uncontrollable disease that's not killed by modern antibiotics. We the people are subject to obesity as a society mainly due to the hype over the years of huge food companies. They bank on people consuming more food because foods that they produce are loaded with sugars and fats. These are the opiates that drive people to eat in excess and it's this excess which drives up the weight that results in obesity.  As a result, extra weight on people translates into diabetes, heart problems, and all the maladies that extra weight puts on a person's mobility. An immobile society is problematic one. It seems, all problems become exaggerated in an obese society.  Doesn't our government have an enormous responsibility to its constituents to rail against those forces which want obesity to continue ? Government needs to think of "the health of the herd" when it addresses the total health of its citizens. Clean air, water, and soil are the backbone of bodily heath; freedom from fear while living in an educated country is the basis for good mental health. Again, "We The People" deserve an educated healthcare system second to none in the World. Remember, excellent health care for the rich, when averaged out with poor health care for the many, does not equate to fair health care for the country. Ronald C. Downie

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