Monday, October 21, 2013


Frogs Plundering for energy Greed extracts with lust Earth's horrid demons, Let loose...extinction ? Faint from emissions, Clear skies polluted From gross bunker bile Belched aloft as vapor : Raising Planet's temperature, Clouding Earth's atmosphere, Melting every ancient ice cap, Deserts form from fertile lands. Forests wilt and whither  Back they must retreat To once much colder zones, If unable, be forever gone. Rising waters lap over top Engineered built higher dykes To tame rising, angry seas Enraged by awful, wrecking storms. Dreamer's fond lost memories: Azure colored embracing skies, Soft green slopes covered of moss, Rainbow colors pastel in flowers, Winter's whiteness, Spring's rebirth, Summer's warmth, Autumn's harvest. But,"We Pledge Allegiance...", Sing,"America The Beautiful", Love high performance automobiles  Which speed beyond set limits. Desire every darn device devised, We worship the arrogance of excess: With 4% of World's population We consume 20% of World's energy. Is our future very pretty ? Or, Are we to be like lowly Frogs Placed in pot of cold water Brought up to a rolling boil ? Will we stew slowly, swimming Happily in the warming water Until voiceless, then croak ? What will be our cooking time ? Just how long can we last ? Frogs, Frogs, you and me, Frogs. Jump! Jump! Get out of that pot ! Holler! Holler! Don't, no, do not croak! Honor a basic, primary oath -   "First - Do No Harm -" Be a doctor to the Earth      "Do No Harm !"      Ronald C. Downie

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