Monday, October 21, 2013

Follow The Money Trail

Follow the Money Trail

Do you see, as I do ? It is the prostitution for more money in their personal bank accounts, which most congress persons lust for, that drives the current insanity in Washington,DC.

They're worried about being challenged in a primary by someone supposedly from their same party. If so, they may lose their lucrative jobs. Jobs which lock them into the money pits of political influence. Also, into the pipe lines, after legislating properly, the sale of  their body of influence that takes them into the dark side of lobbying. Legislators have an eye on their future earnings which wags their tail rather than truly legislating for and of the people - us.

Following the money trail is one of best ways voters have to evaluate their legislators. But, too often, the individual person has little if any means of doing an
in-depth investigation. With the demise of investigative reporters due to the parallel demise of print media, where does a person go for honest reporting ? Difficult as it seems, it is still incumbent upon a responsible electorate to seek out truth and weed it free of partisan  bull .... . Follow the money trail !

Ronald C. Downie

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