Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waves Of Sea And Sand

Waves Of Sea And Sand

Baked, cracked earth, shy of powdering, is dead
To life forces which once pulsated thru its pores. 
Sun caked, wind whipped, longing moisture, tearless
As persistent drought encouraged advancing sands.

Out there past the boardwalk's broad promenade, 
Over the groomed, washed sand of a typical morn,
They flock, feasting on leavings of a receding tide.
While birds battle, vacationers pitch sun umbrellas.

Sand makes not only playgrounds for sky worshipers
But blankets what was once The Golden Crescent, 
Site of The University of Agriculture ten thousand
Years ago, the initial Bread Basket Of The World.

Heating cooling, Earth's forces, in millennium time,
Of Man's own omnipotent God's nature, cares less.
The waves of seas flow as waves of sand marches,
Each in their own time, driven on by the same winds.

At their peril, Man occupies the sea's edge in mass
Heeding not the engulfing storms enraged by heat.
He dreams of green, flowering dessert water holes,
Breathtaking oasis respites, replicas of Eden's view.

But, a planet is not governed by the folly of Man.
It submits to Nature's Law set in universe time, 
Even when seen from space the concept of Gaia, 
Earth as a living organism, is not that implausible.

For burgers, he denudes rain forests
For water, he dams vast, deep gorges
For fuel, he drills and pipes and ships
For electric, he burns with choking soot
For food, he deployed harsh chemicals
For travel, he sends aloft dank exhausts
For escape, he blasts rockets to heaven
For redemption, he prays to graven images
For folly, he writes poems which no one reads

He, our Planet's only mental giant, poised to over populate this sphere sighting the right of Devine providence - Man given dominance over the Earth -forgets divinity is only a construct of Man's vivid imagination.

Ronald C. Downie

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