Friday, March 30, 2012

Goal Intention - Score Goal

Caught again ! No ! Not with my pants down, but without a camera.( seems if my wife and I own a camera it's lost or non working ) Today, your just a minor player without pictures to show what your doing. So I took to putting words together to create a word picture which must substitute for camera shots.

Goal Intention - Score Goal

All these years laboring 
within an athletic constraint,
female lacrosse, a referee's  
bountiful whistle buffet,
Casey Downie languished.

On defense, a non sequitur,
constrained to 3/4's field,
not allowed past the line
which divides the play field
into we score or they score.

A few times she pasted it,
charging on in a run out,
but the hardened rule of
the game, female lacrosse,
sent her scurrying quickly back.

Destined forever with a goose egg,
Casey was a favorite of her mates.
They orchestrated a fine coup d'├ętat 
by designing an offensive play for her
which went off neatly without a hitch.

As if a trained canine behind an invisible fence,
Casey, motionless, poised to respond, at ready,
waiting for her teammate to retreat back across
the line; in a flash, long striding, Casey attacked
straight at the goalie, stick up, the pass, and shot.

Score ! heard around her World and around ours.
The life of an unsung journeyman finally fading 
into an athlete's past. Let the record forever
state : Goals, Casey Elaine Downie (1), unless
before the career ends, more goals are scored.

Ronald C. Downie

Granddaughter, Casey Elaine Downie, playing her last season of College, Division 111, Lacrosse at Franklin and Marshall College ( F&M ), Lancaster, Penna.,

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