Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ian : Ride, Develop, Cultivate

Ian :  Ride, Develop, Cultivate

Composed from Mother Earth, are we ?
Or, are we elements of a stellar dust ?
Does it really matter ? Maybe, the sea,
Or, byproduct of a primal stew's thrust ?

Captured and contained in this bodily form :
Short or tall, skinny or fat, white or tan,
Intelligent or dimmed, exceptional or norm,
Not how born, it's learning makes the man.

What is the length of an endless long line ?
When will time reach a point of no return ?
How will the clueless figure out how to climb ?
Why will rocks refuse to speak or them burn ?

Ride the strong waves of your musical talents,
Develop the strengths honed on a center stage,
Cultivate a healthy diet of words free of laments,
Root out the vulgarity of a ego's debasing rage.

Into the light, whatever the origin of your birth,
Lies a multitude of followers awaiting a leader.
In you, by your own devises, grab Mother Earth, 
Shake her awake, arrive to lead those needier. 

Step to the drummer, salute life, list to the fife,
Accumulate knowledge so it becomes unsurpassed,
Untamed, makes a difference when upending  strife.
The World awaits exceptional people to lead at last.

Ronald C. Downie

Words in verse to commemorate your 16th birthday, March 24, 2012 . Happy Birthday with love from Nanny and Pop Pop !


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