Friday, November 18, 2011

Tents For Sale

Tents For Sale

Grab your hats ! Six million dollars lost in borough assessment value this year up to Nov.9 requiring a borough tax increase. What will the assessed value be 7 month from now when the Pottstown School District figures our new tax levy ? Remember, the exact same properties that are taxed for the borough are the same which are taxed for the school district. For every $5 of yearly taxation paid by we tax payers, $4 dollars goes to the school district. Better start saving now or learn to live in a tent as  "Occupiers" choose to do.

Forget federal taxes, it is the crush of local taxes that will impoverish you and change the way you'll have to live. How in the world can those citizens like me on fixed incomes pay the increases in taxes along with every other price increase levied ? Does a 1%'r ever have to worry about where they will live to live out their days ? 

Tell me that I didn't put forth an effort, tell me I didn't work enough for me to enjoy the fruits of The Great American Dream, tell me I need less so a small few who have everything can amass more, tell me this and I'll spit in your face. Yes, I am angry, yes, I am discouraged with our country's governance, yes, I am in fear of a complete World financial collapse. No, I won't break, but I may have to buy a tent and get out of this rat race. Hey, is that you in line to buy a tent too !

Ronald C. Downie

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