Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lia Alexandra Downie

Lia Alexandra Downie

Her toes wiggled deep down in Gulf's fine sand,
Wet is her salted blond hair, oiled skin tanned;
She faces west at the nod of day, sun's scanned
Far off, ribboning horizon's west rim, so, so grand.

Half under-half out, off shore of tides strong pull,
Dolphins dip and rise in rhythm to ways of waves,
Not dependent on prevailing shore winds that saves
Seaman who tack north and south, billowed sails full.

Birds aloft flocking, they swoop catching the ground,
Running, pecking, scouring, ahead of retiring waves.
Walkers, joggers pass review, each their own ways,
Some know a perfect shell's there, their head's down.

Returning home, rounding the bend, house bright,
Comfort is always from seeing fruits of one's sight.
Flowers, their petals burst with color, bedded right,
Groomed, trimmed, organized for every day's light.

You, Daughter Lia, are that person we think about
Twelve hundred miles away, due south. Independent,
A can doer, resolved in your own ability, so resilient
That you are looked on with admiration, speak out.

All of lesser ability need a person to look up to :
Someone who can hold the ship steady in a storm,
Who can listen, cut out the chaff, return to norm.
Whether you accept it or not, the anointed is you.

With Love ,
Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday poem from Dad

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