Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An OBX Night

Most people vacation at North Carolina's Outer Banks for the sun, sand ,and surf but not me. I enjoyed the starry nights deep jet black with stars so much brighter than found anywhere around the northeast. Even more impressive was the moon rising above the eastern horizon peeking up to then silhouette on the water off in the distance bringing thoughts with its rise. From this experience flowed the following.

  An O. B. X. Night

Way out there, where 
The inky ocean meets
The eastern night sky,
A red sphere silvers
As it lifts from the waves to
Begin its nightly grand arc
Across the heavens 
Bringing moon light
To a sleeping dark planet .

When full, the silvery moon
Gathers up to swell the tide high by
Raising lapping waves above normal .
Does this same moon cycle draw fluids
Up in life forms as it does with water?

Can abnormalities in beasts and humans
Be traced to full moon cycles ?
Are stories bordering on the macabre
A certainty of a full moon's power ?

Do you, as I do, look up on a clear moon lit night and wonder,
While viewing visible craters that depicts a bright faced full moon,
What is this force that causes changes here on Earth ?

A clear night at the Outer Banks allows keen sight .
That, which is keen, is not always a big picture's answer.
Insight that moves beyond the senses, beyond the obvious,
Has more of a chance to capture what we call Spirit sense,
A sixth sense getting us beyond the visible into the great unknown.

When sky is sky, and ocean is what the sky rests on.

Ronald C. Downie

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