Monday, October 3, 2011

What - Never Ending

What - Never Ending 

What blots the sun, bloats the moon ?
What from a seance gains us sense ?
What tricks the heart as if at run ?
What causes short breaths to heave
From a chest that wrenches above
The climaxed tourniquet of flesh ?

At dawn of eternity, life's river spawned 
Of an ionic maelstrom, primal ooze fresh.
Joining cells bound - Jehovah yawns -
"In a twinkling of an eye", green mould, us
Lusting past reason while rutting in acts of 
Desire, will and wisdom woefully wanting.

Ruinous the occult of carnal appetites 
Transcending an entire life bent mainly
On nocturnal pleasures of human flesh.
Forgotten, maybe, is really true pure love,
Since penetrating  passions will never end.

  Ronald C. Downie 

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