Friday, October 7, 2011

Early Autumn On My Rocker

Early Autumn On My Rocker

Forty this morning, fifty five now,
Anticipating high sixties later on.
Sun as bright as sky is deep blue.
Tree leaves rustling, turning color.

Perfect day to announce early autumn,
With grass deep green, growth slowing.
Flowers yet deeply colored, heads bending
Down, looking for their seeds' winter's bed.

Gathering in large flocks migrating birds
Bunch up, not unlike passengers boarding
Planes and trains or cars pointed due south.
Squirrels hustle gathering up acorns, seeds.

I'm dressed warm enough for the front porch.
There my universe expands before my eyes ;
Young families dropping off their children at
The church day school, early learning is best.

Too many months now my neighbor's absent,
She's at assisted living. Another neighbor's
On a wheelchair but he's active, on the go.
An elderly widow three doors up gets nursing.

Stable for many years my universe is aging 
Quickly before my eyes, I look in the mirror.
Approaching 77 years, autumn been here awhile,
Winter swirls in my thoughts, wondering spring.

I did what I did. Could I have done much more ?
Surely yes, but water over the dam is long gone.
I'm leaving judgement to my offspring and theirs'.
Be kind to my writings, please try to appreciate.

By now the temperature has risen enough for me
To shuffle out to the front porch, take my place
On the rocking chair I've become so accustomed to.
Not much of a change since yesterday, enjoy today.

Ronald C. Downie

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