Friday, October 14, 2011

Dorothy Arlene Kulp

Dorothy Arlene Kulp

A pretty young lady born of Chicken Hill
Found her young man, John. What a thrill !
The Second World War ruled those days,
The Whole Earth in disarray in many ways.

Their four boys came one after, one another :
Randy, Jeff, Tim, and Gregory. Each brother,
An individual, seeking their very own identity.
Men of years now, with stories spun a plenty.

Grandma Hall, Florence, was fond to say about
Dorothy, never having any bad words to spout
In conversations when she talked about anyone.
Dot did not know how to speak ill, even in fun.

The second of nine girls, plus a boy, born a Hall;
Dorothy knew child care early, was always on call.
Her older sister died in adolescence leaving Dot
Always the oldest, the tallest in a camera shot.

She, the widow of a navy man, a Pacific Veteran
Who experienced the most horrible acts of man.
John and Dorothy traveled the fine crafts scene, 
He, known fondly as The Ring Man, Dot his queen.

A visit to a covered bridge was one of their missions
Drawn out of craftsmanship and true artistic visions.
Dorothy loved finishing puzzles and playing at cards;
Enjoyed her Chester County home's flowering yards.

Now her passing, the matriarch of a family is gone,
Leaving behind her boys and their's, reaching long
Back into the strengths of the Kulp's and the Hall's
To continue their own paths, build their own walls.

In fond memory of Dorothy Arlene Hall Kulp .
From :
Sister Connie and Ron Downie

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