Saturday, May 7, 2011

Green Is Spring

Green Is Spring

Looking west from my front porch
Into my neighborhood, see
Spring's green in all its glory
When yellow hues mix with blue's.

Daffodils, forsythia,
The ascending morning sun, 
Tulips and crocus burst forth
With the yellow pigment sought.

Do blue hyacinths join with
Blue lilacs and heaven's sky
To supply those pigments sought?
Green dominates my eyes' sight.

Gone again the sterile bleak
Of late winter's browns and grays
Which blankets below cold snow
And buds ready to burst forth.

Awash in green leaves tall trees
Grow straight up out of green grass.
The dominant color is green
Announcing Spring's arrival. 

Ronald C. Downie

Do you, as I do, find amazement in Spring's ability to cast off winter's whows so fast when browns and greys quickly meld into greens ? Living with cycles life processes flow on without much of a notice : we sleep then awake, we work then rest, we eat then drink fluids, we dirty then wash, all as we live in nature which changes seasons without much to do about it.

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