Sunday, May 1, 2011

Connor Kurtz At Seventeen

Connor ( at a decade plus seven ).   Happy Birthday !

What kind of person is he yet to be
Who casts shadows like a growing tree?
Will he seek real answers to set him free
With independence ? Guess, we'll wait to see .

Conditioned safe harbors are not his style,
Undaunted quests fill his personal file.
Debate him on any subject for awhile,
Sticks to his guns, gains his point with a smile.

Correspondence and communication are
His domain which needs refinement power
So his detractors will not think him sour
When, in effigy, hang him from the tower.

Potential is the mountain of his strength
That only he may control its final length.
A dogged damed determination is meant
As a marker before Connor Man is spent.

       Love, PopPop & Nanny

Beware: emerging from his den another Alpha male cub grandson of European heritage loosed upon an unsuspecting World . He will size up his peers, evaluate his  elders , calculate the leaders , and debate any who get in his way. The Universe will be his apple to take out a great big bite . World , you are put on notice !           

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