Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiddle And Fife

Fiddle and Fife

The notes of music for this life,
Written both for fiddle and fife;
Heard as strings for dancing feet,
Leading marchers down the street.

We experience the former more today.
Thank goodness for the bands who play
Music to spirit off quite a common day.
For parades only, in step, marchers sway.

Mid-May we're waiting for Memorial Day.
Shortly, will summer bring sunshine's ray
To ward off the thunder and it's rains,
So burgers cook over coals hot flames.

We are those people of this little town
Settled here, none of us of much renown,
Who go about their business day to day,
Many loved dance, some marched away.

A town is built of sticks, mortar and stone ;
It's citizens created of sinew, blood and bone.
Neighborhoods spring from households who hope ;
The family, in it's strength, finds ways to cope.

You may find a farmer born and raised here
Caring for the field and flocks, fencing deer,
She let's us all know how FarmVille is doing,
Walks the dog, picks flowers, stirs what's stewing.

Ronald C. Downie

For Deb Mizic Downie upon her birthday 5-19-2011

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