Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Winds Of Change

The Winds Of Change

Normally out of the West
Prevailing winds will attest 
To the slow common pace
Of every day's life face.

The air altered, as in a storm,
Cold rejects becoming warm
Begins the gradient's instruction
Tornadic swirls sweep destruction.

You've seen the wind in human form :
The common from the West at morn,
A person pleasant, cool, but firm,
Thoughtful, intelligent, prone to learn.

Contrasted with the badgering bully
Swirling in intemperance so fully
Self centered, lacking any tolerance,
Storm within a storm's dyer consequence.

The Earth's under environmental change
From vast oceans to our Western range.
As a blanket is to a young baby's warm bed
Atmosphere's like a hat on Earth's chilled head.

Seven generations, Native Americans thought long,
Honored the Earth with drumming and with song.
Their's was not all about exponential excesses
Demanding everywhere having universal accesses.

Left to our own devises, both brute and timid,
Must dance to song and beat made ever lucid
By wind and the rain in wild gale like storms.
Man, not master of the Universe, he God forms.

Ronald C. Downie

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