Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dream It

     Dream It

A green open field awaits - an invitation,
Enter and look all around - an inspection,
Walk it , feel it , smell it - anticipation,
Think it and deep dream it - destiny's revelation .

When plowed then sown, the yield 
Is drawn from tilth the field 
Held bosom close with heart 
And soul entwined, life's start .

Harvest that which you must
Return sustenance as trust .
The circle starts and ends 
Which part are we its friends?

When the light fades dim we turn in sad goodbye ,
Moving on only to look back with a sigh .
A dream ? Was it real ? Know, not I .
Tomorrow's tomorrow ,surely, life's worth the try.

          Ronald C. Downie
This is the time of year we all want to experience the great outdoors.
Our needs, though, encourage us to think more deeply about our existence in the natural World.

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