Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Carpenter's Son

   The Carpenter's Son

Where's that boy , the carpenter's son ?
From upland lands , at youthful fun ,
Abroad they settled , made his way ,
World take heed of his deeds this day .

Mountains climbed as new lands surveyed
Time needs passage for desire's parade .
How much hurt can the human take ?
To what stress presses lives to break?

Surrounded by faces lonely ,
In the end , memory only ,
Shaped by people , place , always time
Recalled are talks , song , even mime .

He looks beyond the maze and haze
Which blinds most people with a daze
To grab the reins and steer the course
By his lead he becomes the force .

Heard " Water, water everywhere
But not a drop to drink." Be fare,
Aldo has taken up that cause.
He's trekked around the World because

Through his Ministries of concern ,
His doggedness makes people learn 
That they hold their key for success .
Within each , may their own Lord bless .

        Ronald C. Downie  
Words for Aldo upon reaching a maturity in years fulfilling a lifetime of service and ministry to the common man .
September , 2010 
Aldo Magazzeni, founder of Traveling Mercies, travels the states here and other portions of The World in order to energize the humanity in the man.



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