Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Power Of The Purse Haiku 10

Power Of The Purse 
Haiku 10

Power of the purse,
Buys thirty-two page insert -
Money talks, bull shit... !

Shanty Hill's ghost lives,
Pottstown's Tom Hylton tests us -
Structures or children ?

A fedora walks,
Shuns talks, centered in himself -
Dictator logic.

Property taxes
Costs more than a pound of flesh -
They impoverish.

Education woes,
Walkable town - poor test scores -
Edifice envy.

Ronald C. Downie

The crush of property taxes, especially for those on fixed incomes, is breaking the backs of Pottstown's senior population. Taxed out of our homes to pay for sub-par schools administered by highly paid people who live somewhere outside the district is an affront to logic. When are citizens going to wakeup and demand change ? At the least go to county wide districts, at least that way, one man with access to deep pockets can not effect the final board decisions so easily.
The basic principle of insurance : increase the population of the base so each is charged less but the total pot builds to fund occurrences. County districts would act in the same fashion. In Pennsylvania there is little reason beyond cost of living adjustments that some students receive three times the amount spent on another student usually found in a poor urban setting.
Plutocracy is the word i'm thinking about. Look it up.

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