Thursday, March 3, 2011

November 10th

Another birthday poem to demonstrate how homespun verse can be particular to a family member and understanding that enables a person to compose meaningful poems. Give it a try.

    November 10th

Revel in the crisp sharpness of an early November day :
Bright sunshine, a wisp lite breeze, robin egg blue sky,
Northern trees weep leaves rainbowed in such a way,
That displays pigments pent up green, waiting to fly .

Hearts beat more rapidly on picture days as these
To salvage life's roller coaster ride . Up and down,
This or that, should be-could be, we seek to please
Our own selves, so a smile enfolds instead of a frown .

A broad smile, it is that smile of your's I'm talking about
That is so infectious, others who are smitten, must grin .
If you always know where you're heading, en route,
You'll never learn about anything that is new, so begin . 
Always remember, it is the journey in life that's important .
Each day is just a page in a never-ending, thickening book :
Chaptered by education, location of residence, employment,
And those memorable times, forcing always a backward look .

Happy Birthday ! Lia !
         With All Our Love !  Mom and Dad

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