Friday, March 11, 2011

Dedication Of New Wing


Spoken aloud, our own words trill oblique
To these slanted walls a generation old;
For every sound its vibration is etched
In thoughts recorded then, but now told.

At laughter or song with humor or hope
Through drama or through rhyme, the mood
Is captured today, as everyday plumbs deep
The depths of our personal pastoral groove.

In our air the lilly wafts its fragrance pure
As does the lilac, hyacinth, and the lovely rose.
Ever pungent potluck aromas linger long here
To growl alive stomachs awakened by the nose.

Freshly painted, new, straight up walls welcome
The colorful tapestries of our brightening youth
Who at eye level pin squarely their new art
On fresh walls in a child's early display of truth.

We gather here today to dedicate this which
We formulated and built. We are fully free to
Dream an adventure with wisdom through knowledge 
On this green ten acre sea sailed by you -

And to be crewed by those we have yet to see.

Ronald C. Downie

Written and read 3/1/1998 on the occasion for dedication of the new wing to our Fellowship.

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