Sunday, January 8, 2017

Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

Watched again the movie, Doctor Strangelove, last evening which has kept me under a lifetime angst about a nuclear Armageddon during my stay here on this Earth. Sure, I watched the movie to the end, so I could listen to Vera Lynn sing "We'll Meet Again" as the mushroom cloud billows up getting bigger and bigger in an image I never ever want to actually see.

Farcical as the picture is, thru subtle humor, all kind of bizarre notions crossed my mind. The stumbling, bumbling of our military, the ingrained adherence to antiquated policies of that generation displays
a decayed society culminating in the unthinkable.

Will I ever watch this movie again ? Probably, and I'll watch it to the very end just to hear Vera Lynn sing again. It was her voice which urged the dough boys to keep pressing on even as the future seemed bleak. Vera had the presence to engage her audience in many of her songs which further emboldened the solders to keep their energies up and spirits high. In these times we need more uplifting images to offset the dank and bleak things facing humanity.

Ronald C. Downie

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