Monday, January 2, 2017

A Birthday Wish for Lily Noelle

A read of literature will show you
Punctuation's a necessary evil :

When to pause, when to stop, regulating
The impulses of mental images.

Maybe mental images need be left
To artists painting by brush from pallet.

To those, who effect scenes by light's shadows,
Cause a pause in the viewer, a deep breath.

Art on canvass is not photographic;
Rather, it's to stimulate the senses :

To raise in the viewer emotional
Fervor, exulting, exhilarating.

Who to choose to replicate a snowflake,
Or the flicker of an open fire's flame ?

It is you, Lily Noelle, we've chosen ;
You, who wear the cloak of family artist.

You, who'll dress your barren walls with portraits,
 With pastoral scenes : verdant, expressive.

Happy Birthday ! Lily Noelle Kurtz
Love, Nanny&PopPop

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