Thursday, September 1, 2016

Three and Counting

Three weeks in Florida and catching the tail end of a potential hurricane, if so, the first to make landfall on mainland Florida in eleven years. The Phillies' winter home seems under more severe rain than we are in Nokomis some 70 miles south. The brunt of this storm expected to make true landfall considerably further north than Clearwater around midnight. Then Hermine with increasing land speed will sweep northeast across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas finally petering out somewhere to the north.

These same three weeks I've tried to learn of Phillies games but little if any news of this winter home team could I find. Just like disenfranchised Phillies fans up there devoid of winning ways, local sports announcers down here, mustn't think much of the local winter team's season. Of course, I'm only a fair weather fan at best. Maybe local sports announcers busy with winning teams's news have little interest in reporting about a team steeped in losing.

I hope the storm acts reasonably, I hope announcers do the same. Life shouldn't be mole hills made into mountains nor pasture streams into torrents but moderation taken to it's nth degree.

  Ronald C. Downie

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