Friday, September 23, 2016

Looking For "The Do Nothing's"

Where is he ? Your federal member of the house, your representative, was on a seven and a half week vacation, came back into session, but now's out again, I'm told, to ready for elections. Is your's hiding, shame faced, somewhere in the bushes ? Maybe, he or she, is on a junket with a financial heavyweight supporter. That is not an outlandish thought !

Your member of Ryan's Lack Luster Representatives did little, if anything, this year. No help for Flint, Michigan in their epic battle for lead free water is a real travesty. Washington, DC. has turned into a a junk yard where, instead of passing dynamic legislation designed at improving the lot of all of us, there leaders pile up like old cars waisted efforts to legislate effective policy benefiting mankind.

The organizers of this country anticipated House members and Senators, as well, would go to The Seat Of Government and serve for a short time period then go back home to their occupations and live out their lives there. Legislating was never expected to be a life long endeavor.

Once newspapers had sufficient staff to tell us these answers but the gutted press, turned into eunuchs, can't even write about national issues these days. It comes down to you and your vote to do what you can to keep tabs on your representative. Vote out incumbents if you're dissatisfied with them ! Join a movement to limit terms of elected officials !

Ronald C. Downie

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