Friday, October 9, 2015

Casey, A Birthday Admonition

Life's, but a game of quarters and halves,
Your's, quarter gone, three fourth to go.
Formal education recorded, moving on.

Life's, just like a bowl of sweet cherries,
Sample them, and you can't stop eating.
Good days similar, each to be savored.

Life's, the first marching band of a parade,
Line straightness and cadence paramount.
Looking good beginnings of feeling good.

Life's, a playbook of winning quarterbacks,
Pass or run chosen to take full advantage
Of the opponent's weakness, a daily chore.

Life's, but a top button on a designer shirt,
Formal or crass, how you use it, important.
Dignity found in simplistically cool gestures.

Life's, like a dull pencil, needs daily sharpening.
It comes to life when attention is paid its way.
Graphite spins tales of both good and bad days.

Finally, life is what you make it, my dear, Casey.
It's subject to change on wimps and whispers,
Stand tall and resist those weak impediments?

Always With You !
Happy Birthday !
Love Nanny&Pop Pop

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